How to configure the Windows NTP client?

Set your time zone in Control panel/Date and time

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How to copy multiple directories with powershell?

You can call this script from PowerShell with e.g. filecopy.ps1 copy_source copy_destination.

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How to create a bootable UEFI/GPT Windows 10 USB stick in Ubuntu ?

$ sudo -i
# id
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)

Unmount all the partitions that you have mounted off the USB stick.

# umount /dev/sdxn

# export USB_DEVICE=/dev/sdx
# export USB_PARTITION=/dev/sdxn
# export USB_MOUNTPOINT=/mnt/sdxn
# export WIN10_MOUNTPOINT=/mnt/win10-mount

The next three commands will erase your ${USB_DEVICE} and create the EFI system partition:

# sgdisk --zap-all ${USB_DEVICE}
# sgdisk --new=1:0:0 --typecode=1:ef00 ${USB_DEVICE}
# mkfs.vfat -F32 -n EFI ${USB_PARTITION}

Mount the USB device partition at ${USB_MOUNTPOINT}:

# mount -t vfat -o uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=022 ${USB_PARTITION} ${USB_MOUNTPOINT}

Mount the Windows 10 ISO image at ${WIN10_MOUNTPOINT}:

# mount -t udf -o loop,ro windows10.iso ${WIN10_MOUNTPOINT}

Copy the Windows 10 ISO contents to ${USB_MOUNTPOINT}:


# sync
# cd /

Booting Windows off a VHD file

One day I’ll have to test this but for now, I’ll just save the URLs here.

Disk2vhd is a utility that creates VHD versions of physical disks

Add a Native-Boot Virtual Hard Disk to the Boot Menu

How to Boot from a VHD

How to disable Windows task scheduler service?

I had a problem with PIPO X8 mini pc and video playback. The playback would randomly pause for a second. PIPO X8 has an Intel Atom Z3736F with 2 GiB RAM and a 32 GB eMMC. By hunch I tested whether stopping Windows task scheduler service would remove the random pauses and it did!

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How to create a bootable Windows 7 USB stick in Linux?

Needed ingredients:

  • a 8 gig USB stick
  • Windows 7 installation media
  • Ubuntu packages: ntfs-3g, mbr

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How to hide the cmd prompt window for batch scripts?

Create a .vbs file with this content:

Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell" ) 
WshShell.Run chr(34) & "C:\Users\username\Documents\script.bat" & Chr(34), 0 
Set WshShell = Nothing

Create C:\Users\username\Documents\script.bat with your batch script contents.

How to minimize crackling of Windows VM audio under VirtualBox?

Set the number of CPU’s to 1 in Settings/System/Processor.
Set the Execution Cap to 100% in Settings/System/Processor.
Set the Paravirtualization Interface to Minimal in Settings/System/Acceleration.
Set the Host Audio Driver to PulseAudio in Settings/Audio.
Set the Audio Controller to Intel HD Audio in Settings/Audio.

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How to create a logon script for a user on a non-domain connected Windows machine?

Open an Administrator CMD Prompt

C:\>mkdir C:\Windows\System32\repl
C:\>mkdir C:\Windows\System32\repl\import
C:\>mkdir C:\Windows\System32\repl\import\scripts

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