My samba configuration

Disable offloading for the network interface eth1:

# /sbin/ethtool -K eth1 tso off
# /sbin/ethtool -K eth1 gso off

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How to list DNS servers that network-manager uses? (Ubuntu 14.04/16.04)

On Ubuntu 14.04:

$ nmcli dev list | grep -i dns

On Ubuntu 16.04, first list all the connections:

$ nmcli con show
NAME                UUID                                  TYPE             DEVICE  
docker0             19d065fc-b97f-4421-b839-127d95c07c51  bridge           docker0 

Then list the settings of one connection:

$ nmcli con show docker0 | grep -i dns

Using Xnest to start another Xorg session (Kubuntu)

You can enable xdmcp access to the local Xorg login manager.

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How to mount network shares with autofs?

1) Install cifs-utils and autofs packages
# apt-get install cifs-utils autofs

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How to accept passive DCC in irssi?

In active DCC, your client connects to the remote client that is serving the file.
In passive DCC, your client will open a port that the remote client connects to to send the file.

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How to prefer IPv4 addressing instead of IPv6 in Linux ?

Edit /etc/gai.conf and uncomment the precedence lines:

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How to rename network interfaces in Linux?

Add a file /etc/udev/rules.d/10-network.rules:

SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", ATTR{address}=="ma:ca:dd:re:ss:here", NAME="new_if_name"

How to enable Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 WIFI card on Kubuntu 15.10?

Thanks to Kalle Valo (, forum ( and Linux kernel backports ( I was able to make my WIFI card work on Kubuntu 15.10.

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How to mount a CIFS share from /etc/fstab ?

1) Install cifs-utils package

# aptitude install cifs-utils

2) $ mkdir /home/username/share

3) Create CIFS credentials file /home/username/.cifs-credentials


4) $ chmod 600 $HOME/.cifs-credentials

5) Add the file system information into /etc/fstab:

//server/share /home/username/share cifs user,_netdev,cache=none,credentials=/home/username/.cifs-credentials 0 0

6) Open dolphin and browse the share.

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