I had a problem with PIPO X8 mini pc and video playback. The playback would randomly pause for a second. PIPO X8 has an Intel Atom Z3736F with 2 GiB RAM and a 32 GB eMMC. By hunch I tested whether stopping Windows task scheduler service would remove the random pauses and it did!



It’s not suggested to disable Task Scheduler in Vista or Windows 7. Vista and Windows 7 actually uses Task Scheduler to perform system tasks.

If you really need to disable it, try the steps below:

1. Open up your regedit
2. Navigate to this location
3. Find the DWORD called start, change its value from 2 to 4.

Restart and test.

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Another way to accomplish this is to install pstools from Microsoft.

  1. Open an Administrator CMD prompt
  2. In the CMD prompt window, run:
    C:\>psexec -i -s cmd
  3. In the new CMD prompt running as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM
    C:\>sc stop schedule