This guide will show you how to move Windows system directories to a new location.
This might come handy if you have a lot of applications or games on your system drive.


First, follow the guide on how to add another boot entry to your Windows boot manager:

This will add the Safe mode boot into your Windows boot manager but also enables you to enter the preinstallation environment mode. This mode can be accessed during your computer bootup.

To specify an advanced option for this choice, press F8.
Press F10 for more options
1) Launch recovery environment

Advanced options
Command prompt

Your computer restarts after selecting the Command prompt choice and will boot into the preinstallation environment. You will be asked for your account name and password and after this a CMD prompt will open up at X:
(The X: drive is not your normal Windows installation which is still located at the drive letter C:.
In case you have a system reserved partition at the beginning of the drive, your system drive letter might be D:

Change the current dir location to C:

C:\>cd \

Make a new directory

C:\>mkdir "C:\temp"

Move “C:\Program Files” to “C:\temp”

C:\>move "C:\Program Files" "C:\temp"

Create a new NTFS junction to point “C:\Program Files” to “C:\temp\Program Files”

C:\>mklink /j "C:\Program Files" "C:\temp\Program Files"

Restart your computer to see the new NTFS junction in your C: root directory.

08/03/2015 02:52 AM <JUNCTION> Program Files [C:\temp\Program Files]

Relocation of the Users directory and the ProgramData directory to a drive other than the drive that contains the Windows directory