Have you gotten tired of the Windows CMD prompt? Are you looking for a more advanced terminal for Windows?
Look no further! In this blog post I will describe the setup of ConEmu and Cygwin.
This combination works exceptionally well, together with Adobe’s Source Code Pro font.


Download Source Code Pro font package from https://github.com/adobe-fonts/source-code-pro/releases
– Download the font package and install the regular ttf font file

Download CygWin setup exe from http://cygwin.com/
– Scroll down to Current Cygwin DLL version and click the link for setup-x86_64.exe.
– Start the setup program and install Cygwin
– Make note of the startup shortcut for Cygwin64 Terminal
C:\cygwin64\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico -
– Start Cygwin64 Terminal and click the top left corner and select Options
– Select “Text” and select the Source Code Pro font
– Click OK. This sets the font for Cygwin64 Terminal, later to be used under ConEmu.

Download ConEmu from http://conemu.github.io/
– Click Download and then select Download ConEmu Alpha, Installer (32-bit, 64-bit) on the next page.
– Run the setup program as normal
– Open ConEmu (x64)
– Click the top right corner menu button (three horizontal lines), then click Settings.
– In Main settings, select Source Code Pro as Main console font
– In Startup settings, click Command line and enter the Cygwin64 Terminal startup command to the box.
C:\cygwin64\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico -

Now when you open ConEmu (x64), Cygwin will be started by default under Conemu. Enjoy!

P.S. You can add your custom shells like nodejs or Azure PowerShell under Settings/Startup/Tasks.